Leaving home

when I leave home my biggest worry is money and trying to pay for what I need to survive. Personally money is a big problem for me and i have no idea how to keep ahold or what to do with it . IM really excited to meet new people and start my adult life and be out of school finally.

My 3 hobbies

Fixing cars

I love fixing car whenever I do fix one I always feel a sense of accomplishment and I also really enjoy the hands on and removing and reassembling the engine and other pieces of the engine and car.


I have passion for bowling and I love the aspect of going to different places around Canada and meeting new people and new competition to relate to. I have always felt like the bowling alley was my second home and my parents and I go bowling every Monday as a league.


I really enjoy volleyball because my hight helps lots and I also really enjoy tossing around the ball with my friends for fun and competitive. like most other sports my favourite aspect is the competitiveness and meeting new people.