The maker means i’m good at making stuff and fixing stuff like carpenter and mechanic.

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If I am a happy leader than for my leadership  can hope to bring more happiness to people through what I do for people. But if i was a not happy person I could affect other people because everything would not be as funny and happy.



My motivation is Achievement which means I want chance’s to test myself. I always try what could help me most in the long run. Wanting to get recognised for some Achievements for example my biggest Achievement is going to Nationals for bowling, everyone recognised the Achievement which made me very proud, made my family proud , my friends and community very proud.

My second motivational factor is Support, to help and work with people.  to give people support.  example my support to the people in my community is that I help people and work at the local food bank.


My to  top subject is business which means Im interested in managing and talking out plans and deals. which can be a good job plan for when Im older.  My second subject is technical trades which means I like working with hand tools like drill and saws which also means wanna make products.