My Future Prince Charming

My ideal boyfriend would preferably be taller than me or at least not that much  shorter. He’d have to be strong yet kind and gentle . My ideal boyfriend would also have to be good looking but not full of himself. He’d also have to be athletic as in he would have to have abs and a baseball butt. My ideal boyfriend would also absolutely have to be funny and have a nice smile.

I would want him to post pictures with me on Instagram. He would definitely have to buy me food and everything else I want. So in other words he’d have to be very rich. I would want him to share all of his hoodies with me.

My future boyfriend would have to be about five foot nine. He would have to have either dark brown or light blonde hair. I would like it if he had either chocolate brown eyes or deep sea blue eyes. Freckles would also be nice. I would hope he would have a nice smile also.

I hope he would be athletic and play lots of sports. I would like it if I could come to some of his games to support him. Also if he came to some of my games to cheer me on. He wouldn’t have to be the best at sports as long as he wasn’t the worst.

My ideal boyfriend would definitely have to be have to be funny. Maybe not role on the floor funny, but at least able to make me smile when I’m feeling sad. I would hope he’d be able to take some funny selfies with me too. I would also hope that if we got in a fight he’d be the first to apologize even if it was my fault.

My ideal boyfriend will be almost perfect. Or at least for me. He’ll be funny. He’ll be tall and athletic. Hopefully he’ll be smart as well. Also he’ll be hot. My ideal boyfriend will be very lucky, but so will I.

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3 Replies to “My Future Prince Charming”

  1. This greatly described me, thee jessie jeannine bean who likes dank memes and special beans 🙂
    blub blub


  2. thank you that really deeply touched my stone cold heart.

  3. your deeply welcome

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