I took the blueprints “knowledge” quiz. It said that my number one area was business, then physical education, and finally technical trades. Personally I think I’ve always wanted to do something in business, I would love to own my own company or business.  I can never see myself as a physical education teacher . I love sports and going outdoors but my experiences in the past year and a half have made me somewhat dislike gym. Also I would never be a teacher for fear of turning into the majority of what people think of teachers.  As for technical trades I doubt I’ll ever have anything to do with it. Working with computers and trying to figure out how to invent new things bores me, and I would rather do anything else.

I honestly don’t pick favorite classes, I dislike them all equally. I believe school classes are not supposed to be fun because most of the time they are not. I see them simply as  a way to learn, get out of school, and finally move somewhere I actually enjoy being. I guess if I had to choose a favorite I would probably choose social although this year it seems we are just learning about government and nothing exiting and historical.

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