Jobs. It seems like everyone my age is thinking about their future and what they want to be when they grow up. Whereas I almost never think about the future, I only think about now and what’s happening in present time. I have no idea as to what I would like to do when I grow up, all I know is that I want to make loads of money, and not have a completely boring job. I took the myBlueprint occupations quiz and did four different jobs; police detective, musician, lawyer, and politician. There are a wide variety of jobs and I know that in the future I will find it very hard to choose one.

When I was younger (7-9) all I wanted to be was a police detective. I dreamed of examining dead bodies and tracking down criminals. I think this job would be very interesting and hopefully help bring peace in the streets.  This job would require bravery, instinct, and intelligence. I sometimes think that I possess all of these traits, other times not so much. In the future I can see myself revisiting my past interests in this occupation and maybe getting a job as a police detective.

I absolutely love music. I love to listen to it, I love to play instruments. I think that being a musician would be exiting and is probably my favorite occupation out of the survey I took. If I was a musician my dream would to play in New Orleans at a restaurant that I owned. I would hope that people would come for the amazing music and terrific food.  It would be amazing to meet new people and listen/ learn different and new genres of music.

A Lot of people have told me that I would make a good lawyer because I enjoy arguing so much. I think it would be very fun to be a lawyer. It would be deeply interesting to go to court and defend the innocent or prosecute the guilty.  I have an uncle that is a lawyer and I have heard countless times how much he genuinely enjoys it. Also it would be nice to reinforce laws to help protect the people. 

The last occupation quiz I took was a politician. I have thought about this job before but I’m not really sure if I would want to be one or not.  On one hand I would love to help people and be a voice for those who don’t have one. On the other hand there are many corrupt politicians and I cannot stomach some of the things that are happening in the world due to politics. I’m not sure if I would do this job or not but I’ll certainly keep this in mind.

There is a wide variety of jobs in the world and many of them are very interesting to me. I’m still unsure of what I would like to be, but I can figure that out later when I have more life experience.

The focus questions where; What “Occupation Matches Surveys” did you take, Which did you find most interesting, and What occupations are your “favorites”. I used the google docs spell- checker and I used proofreading and Dixie as my grammar-checker.  

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