Postulates of Faith

Can something come from nothing? No, something can never come from nothing. However scientists are working on a way to make something from nothing and are coming very close. But for now the only thing that can create something from nothing is God. He created the entire universe and absolutely everything in it. Does God […]


A Christian is a person who follows or believes in Christ. A Christian does not have to be baptised, confirmed, or go through holy communion; they just have to have Jesus in their hearts. It’s more of a spiritual thing rather than a physical thing. Being a Christian means that you forgive and forget, love […]


Everybody has had at least one conflict in their friend group. Often these conflicts are simple misunderstandings and sometimes they only look like a conflict. For religion we had to act out different tableaus about friendships.   Most of the scenes were about being friends and enjoying spending time together, but some were about conflicts: […]

Qualities of Friendship

To me a good friend is made up of many wonderful things. If they have only one good quality then I would have a hard time being friends with them because they would be rather boring. For a person to be my friend they would have to be spontaneous, funny, and interesting. I would not […]