Qualities of Friendship

To me a good friend is made up of many wonderful things. If they have only one good quality then I would have a hard time being friends with them because they would be rather boring. For a person to be my friend they would have to be spontaneous, funny, and interesting. I would not want a basic, normal person as a friend because I think I would get very bored very fast, I want someone crazy.

A friend would have to be spontaneous because I am very spontaneous. I would need someone who would go on adventures with me and do dumb things just because we could. They would have to be fun to be around and to do things with. I would love to have a friend that’s spontaneous because we could do crazy things and then tell our future generations about all the adventures we had.

A sense of humor for me is a necessity. Being funny can help a person get out of a certain situation, break the ice, and just make a person more likable in general. If their funny then their fun to be around, and if their fun to be around then they would be a great friend in my opinion. A person would not have to be roll over on the floor laughing funny, but at least some sense of humor would be nice.

A friend would have to be interesting so that I wouldn’t get bored with them. I have an awfully hard time listening or paying attention to uninteresting people which might be a small problem in a friendship. They would have to be able to talk with me for hours upon hours without running out of topics, because apparently I talk a lot.

A friend doesn’t have to be perfect because people rarely are. They would just have to be there for me when I need them,  be fun to be with, and good to talk too.  A true friend doesn’t care if your in a bad mood, spent all your money, or if your sitting in your undies watching sponge bob, they are there for you and respect you no matter what. The friends that I have right now fit the criteria and I love them very much.

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