Pure Witness Retreat.


God has a different and special plan for each  and every one of us. He loves us all no matter what we do or no matter how far we go away from him. God is always there for us and, since the retreat, I have learned that we should be there for him as well. People should pray more and thank God for as much as we can. We should thank him, even for the little things like the air we breathe, or the ability to see things.


At the retreat, the people talked about God and how he influenced people’s lives. We did a chant were one person, usually Courtney or Michael, would say revive my heart and we would yell back renew my soul. I didn’t understand what that meant until I really started to think about it. It basically is a calling to Jesus to cleanse us of the sins we have committed. Jesus always forgives us, regardless of how much we messed up.


This retreat was fun and very loud. I enjoyed watching the people act out the skits and tell us the stories. I personally loved the story of Ian McCormack. It was inspiring and seemed impossible, but with the help of God nothing is impossible. All of the retreat people were amazing, but my favorites were Daniel and  Christa. They seemed the kindest and most close to God.


I’ve learned from this retreat that we really do need Jesus in our lives. Without him were miserable and misdirected. If we truly open up our hearts to God and let him in, we can be happy and do things we never thought possible.


People should pray and thank God more often. We should also forgive those who have hurt us and ask for forgiveness from those we have hurt. By doing this we can be closer do Jesus and let him help us. This retreat really gave me a better understanding of God and how he loves us.

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