A Christian is a person who follows or believes in Christ. A Christian does not have to be baptised, confirmed, or go through holy communion; they just have to have Jesus in their hearts. It’s more of a spiritual thing rather than a physical thing. Being a Christian means that you forgive and forget, love others as you love yourself, and put God above everyone and everything else. ¬†


Believing in God is a major part in being  Christian. Christians believe that without God there is no life. They thank God every day for the ability to live, love, and grow. They trust that God has given them each wonderful, unique gifts. They believe that they are supposed to share their gifts and that God gives them a purpose in life.


This is going against people’s beliefs now because people aren’t focused on being loving and kind. Christians are making peace groups while others are making hate groups. The Christians in the world work hard to turn the other cheek and help the rest of the world.


God has given Christians the gifts of forgiveness and love and we try our best to share them with the rest of the world. Christians work hard every day to try and make the world a better place, even when it’s a challenge to accomplish. I believe that the world needs more Christians to give the world a little more peace and love.


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