Postulates of Faith

  1. Can something come from nothing?

No, something can never come from nothing. However scientists are working on a way to make something from nothing and are coming very close. But for now the only thing that can create something from nothing is God. He created the entire universe and absolutely everything in it.

  1. Does God Exist?

God does exist. He’s present in different forms anywhere from a small pond to a child’s smile. He touches every single humans life in one way or another, even if they don’t realize it. For the most part, he does good in the world. Sometimes he throughs an obstacle your way which eventually helps you in the future. God helps people see the light at the end of the tunnel even when it seems pitch black.

  1. Do humans have immortal soul?

I believe that people do have immortal souls. I think that once you’ve died (even if you not baptized) and you ask for forgiveness, God allows you to go to heaven and be happy forever. I think that babies or children go to heaven automatically because their souls are usually the purest and they sin the least.

  1. Do humans have free will?

Humans usually have free will and they control their own fates. Sometimes we don’t because our parents or teachers control our decisions. For the most part we control if we do good in the world or if we do bad. Humans can even control their emotions and their ideas by expressing them many ways in today’s society.

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