Humans are a unique species. We have traits that have never been seen in anything else in the universe.  Humans are the only species that have a conscience, can go against their nature, and love. No other creature can do any of these things.


Humans have a conscience. If they hurt something or someone they have a conscience thought of feeling sorry for what they have done. Humans can tell whether their doing something right or wrong and they can tell what they are doing.


For some humans going against their basic nature is easy. Its like they have a switch inside their brain and just choose to turn their humanity off. By turning it off they can hurt or kill other humans simply because they can. Humans are the only things that can go against what they truly are. For example a dog will never stop being a dog, they will never wake up one morning and decide to rob a bank or set off a bomb. The choice for humans to go against their human nature can be a blessing or a curse.


Humans, above all, can love and forgive, and be completely broken. People love each other in ways nothing else can, they fall in love, start a family, and eventually die with that person People can also hold grudges and most of the time forgive those who have hurt them. Humans are also the only ones out of God’s many creations that can have their hearts completely broken by another human without actually being killed.


So humans are different from all other creatures. They have a conscience, can go against their basic nature, and above all have feelings. Maybe someday God will create another species that can do all of these things but for now humans are almost completely unique.

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