Gaining Yardage

The speaker and Arlo appear to be friends in this poem. It states that they grew up close to each other and would hang around together or pick beans with each other. At the end of this poem the speaker also says that he doesn’t mind Arlo getting the touchdown because he supposes that they […]

As in the Beginning

What makes us whole? I think that this poet is saying that she doesn’t think her father is a whole man because he has lost his fingers in a work accident. I personally think that a person being whole does not have anything to do with how many fingers or limbs a person has, but […]

The New House

Some say the soul lingers near the body for a few hours after they have first died, that the spirit gets to watch those who mourn over him or her and say one last goodbye. I believe that the dead have certain ways of communicating with the living from Heaven ( not in an Ouija […]

Cave Man Principle

The Cave Man Principle is simple it states that human desires will always be peoples motivation to do or buy things. Michio Kaku, author of Cave Man Principle, believes that this human nature even dates back to the Caveman era. Humans greatest instinct is to survive and be the best at it. Humans have come […]


  I believe that when you die the good souled people go to Heaven regardless if they believe in my faith or even believe in God. I think that there are two Heavens; one on this Earth and one when our souls leave our bodies. There are many different forms of Heaven on Earth, I […]


      What is faith? For me faith is something that we can’t always see but is always there. It gives us the ability to do things and help people. When thinking of faith I like to think of the quote from Superman’s Dad “Faith is like a carcass, easy to lose but if […]