What is faith? For me faith is something that we can’t always see but is always there. It gives us the ability to do things and help people. When thinking of faith I like to think of the quote from Superman’s Dad “Faith is like a carcass, easy to lose but if you dig around long enough you’ll find one”.

  1. What does the uncertainty principle teach us? How does this relate to faith?

The uncertainty principle is  the more precisely the position of some particle is known the less its movement can be known. This means that the more you know the position of something or someone you know less about how they move and act. People can relate this to faith because once someone makes up their mind that a person is in a particular place they can lose faith in them and expect them to never be able to move.


  1. What does it mean to say that God exists outside of time?

God exists outside of time because he created things before there was even a brief concept of time. God created the Earth and Universe from nothing in 7 days. He did this before any human could ever come up with the idea of how to keep time or chart what day of the year it is. The story of the 7 day creation is portrayed throughout Christian history and learned by almost everyone in the religion.


  1. Why is our ability to know and describe God limited?

We can’t know or describe God that well because no one living (other than Connor Corum from Heaven Is For Real) has actually met him. We know that God loves each and everyone individually and that he will always have  that love for us. We don’t know what he looks like or what his voice sounds like and most people have opinions on this. Personally I believe that God is a forever changing object. I think he goes from old to young, dark to light, weak to strong.


  1. What is the only “proof’ that we can have of God’s existence?
    There is no proof that God exists other than the stories and bible lessons that most were taught as children. The only light proof that God exists is the love and good in the world. God made people and therefor when people show unconditional love I believe that it shows God.
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