Cave Man Principle

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The Cave Man Principle is simple it states that human desires will always be peoples motivation to do or buy things. Michio Kaku, author of Cave Man Principle, believes that this human nature even dates back to the Caveman era. Humans greatest instinct is to survive and be the best at it.

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Humans have come a long way since the Caveman Era. We have created new ways of doing things, religion, technology, we’ve even created many new ways to communicate with others. Even with how evolved humans have became so much more evolved that basic instinct of wanting whats the very best is still there.

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I believe that without this instinct humans would not have come this far. If there was nothing in their brains telling them to get better and survive then they would never have been motivated enough to actually improve and move forward. I think that this “Cave Man Principle” has helped the human race become the strongest most dominant species in history.

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I see day to day examples of The Cave Man Principle all the time. Even in our gym class people (not all of them) compete to see who’s the fastest or in a classroom we compete to see who has the higher mark. My own family will even set up competitions ( mostly athletic) out of my siblings or cousins, just to see who the best is.

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The Cave Man Principle is what has helped humans to evolve and become better. It has helped us to achieve goals that some never even dreamed of doing. It has made us break records that most thought were unbeatable. This simple instinct is what drives us to be the very best possible.

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