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I believe that when you die the good souled people go to Heaven regardless if they believe in my faith or even believe in God. I think that there are two Heavens; one on this Earth and one when our souls leave our bodies. There are many different forms of Heaven on Earth, I think that it depends on your personal preferences to determine what you own is. Some people see being with family, traveling, or even just reading as their own personal Heavens.

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For me I know that my personal Heaven is anywhere an ocean. When I’m near the sea I feel as if all my problems or worries have drifted away like a chunk of wood, and I feel peace. I love the way the waves crash against the shore and watching all the sea creatures dance as the ocean tumbles restless. Most of all I love how unpredictable and dangerous it can be while still staying beautiful and welcoming at the same time.

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When I was a small child I can remember my family going to Spain and it was the first time, that I can remember, running out into the freezing cold ocean and trying not to get knocked over by the powerful waves. Everyday that I was in Spain ( about a month and a half) I begged my family to take me out and at least smell the ocean breeze. I still have the drawings that I drew when I was sitting on a bench just watching the sand get spun around in  a blur of  gold and blue.

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As I have grown up my family has traveled to many destinations ( Spain, Germany, Ireland, Greece, and more) and with each vacation I find a way to look at the sea just to fall in love with it again. When I graduate I know that I will find a way to live near the ocean even if that means leaving the place where I grew up because I know that I can never be truly  happy without the ocean near me.

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I fell in love with the ocean at a young age, the sea creatures, the waves, the people laughing and swimming it. For me it truly is my Heaven on Earth and I know that when I die (hopefully) God will give me a Heaven where I can swim everyday and sing to the ocean while I watch all of the creatures.


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