The New House

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Some say the soul lingers near the body for a few hours after they have first died, that the spirit gets to watch those who mourn over him or her and say one last goodbye. I believe that the dead have certain ways of communicating with the living from Heaven ( not in an Ouija board way)  by sending some small sign that they are all right, like sending down a double rainbow or a beautiful sunset for those the dead loved in their past life. I also believe that most souls find peace after sending some kind of symbol to their loved ones and can truly rest in Heaven.

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I think that the poem The New House is about when a person passes and is allowed to enter Heaven. Heaven becomes the persons new home and is more than just a house. The poem tells of halls where people where talking and I think that this symbolizes the stories from when they were living. It also talks about how the feelings all go away and I think that this is partially true because most souls find peace but I also think that when we die, we still feel all the pain and suffering we felt as the living, we just feel it in smaller doses.

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I think this poem is talking partially about the dead but also quite a bit about the dying. In the lines “And when I leave to
find another house, I wonder what among these shades will be left of me” I think it means someone is dying. The last lines of the poem symbolize someone passing on and in their last moments wondering how or who will remember them.

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The question for this assignment was ” do people exist beyond a physical presence?” and I believe that yes they do. I think that souls exist in Heaven and are always watching out for the living. I also think that sometimes for special circumstances God allows the dead to be angles so that they can watch over the living.

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I believe that the dead are still living until someone talks about them for the very last time. I think that the deceased live on through stories or characteristics passed down by friends or family. Even the small things like myself having my great grandmothers laugh, my grandmothers eyes, or even my grandfathers temper prove that tiny parts of the dead are still very much present in life.

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