As in the Beginning

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What makes us whole? I think that this poet is saying that she doesn’t think her father is a whole man because he has lost his fingers in a work accident. I personally think that a person being whole does not have anything to do with how many fingers or limbs a person has, but more about how a filled a person is on the inside. I think that to be whole a person must be happy and satisfied with his or her life.

I think that in this poem the poet describes the man so objectively because she is trying to tell a background story and talk about how hard it is to lose something that once was your most used thing. She describes in detail about how he gets insurance to help compensate for his fingers but the money would never make up for his missing digits.

After the first nine lines the poem becomes more personal. In the beginning of the poem the poet talks as if the man is just a random guy but then she reveals that the man was actually her father. She talks about how it impacted her father and even her.

The other changes how she feels about the man about halfway through and adds much more emotion. At first she is just simply describing a man but then she adds emotion by saying that he was her father and how it had impacted her. The poem also seems to take more of a angrier tone as she talks about how she wishes she could go back when her father was whole.

The tittle in this poem is about how the poet wishes that they could go back to when her father had perfect, unworked hands. She calls the poem “As in the Beginning” because at the end of the poem she describes how things were before her father had started working or gotten into an accident. This poem was all about perspectives and how an accident affected her and her father.

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