Aspects of a strong Political leader

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      Qualities of a good political leader may very from person to person, or they may change depending on where you are from. However the basic values of a political leader are very simple and consistent. Most people look to elect someone who is honest, fights for their cause, willing to change, and has a strong background or knowledge in the area. These are all important characteristics in choosing who you want to represent you.

Image result for oil money backgrounds      A person who is honest is crucial in leading a country or getting elected. A person must be able to rely on an elected official to represent their interests and keep the promises that he or she made during election time. If the political made promises to do a certain things such as promote jobs and then does the exact opposite such as get rid of entire areas of work then they are untrustworthy and should probably not be responsible to lead people. Political leaders should be trusted to keep their word because if they don’t the people may choose not to elect them in the next election.


      People always look for someone to be their voice when they don’t have one. They want someone who will stand up for them and represent them. An example of a leader who fought for the people and truly tried to make a change is Ralph Klein ( a premier of Alberta from 1992 to 2006). He worked relentlessly to create one of the biggest political and ideological in Albertan history. He brought Alberta out of the economic crash in the 1980’s and came up with the Alberta advantage. He worked hard so that the people who elected him would  feel that they had made the right choice and feel the pride of being an Albertan. 

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      A political leader should have at least some background in politics or at least what job needs to be done. Sir Winston Churchill is an exemplar for this quality. He helped lead England to victory in the Second World War. Before he became the Prime Minister of England he served in the Mahdist War, Second Boer War, and the First World War. He already had background knowledge in war and he used it to lead his country and (basically) lead the world into victory. He was a leader who truly saved the world.

Most people also want a leader who will evoke change if their is something wrong with the system. Martin Luther King Jr. was a man who fought relentlessly for his people. He wanted fair opportunity for everyone no matter what color their skin was. He fought for a change most people believed in with all their hearts, and is remembered as a hero.

      Most people look for someone to believe in or to fight for them. In politics this is proved. Ideal qualities of a political leaders change all the time however there are always some underlying values that are crucial for a successful leader. Being trustworthy, works to represent the people, trying to change things that are wrong, and have experience are all important concepts for political leaders.

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