Gather Research


   Largest Settlement:

  • Dawson City was the largest settlement in the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush. It was founded in 1896 by a surveyor, George Mercer Dawson. After the Gold Rush the towns population decreased. Dawson City now has multiple museums showcasing the historical events of the Gold Rush.



      First Settlement:


  • In 1873 the first miners entered the Yukon in search of gold. Men looking for work and had heard of the gold would travel there alone, or take their families. The men and their families created a small settlement near the Fortymile River. Later on in 1886 the first gold stampede occurred in the Yukon after a miner discovered a large gold deposit by the Fortymile River. After that the town of Forty Mile was established.


Mining Methods

  • Underground mining: The miners would leave a fire burning all night long to thaw out there ground. After the ground was thawed about 14 inches, the miners then would remove the gravel and repeat the process until gold was found.


  • Hydraulic Mining: Water jets were set to wash down the side of a hill for sluicing. When the hill became to flat to use gravity for sluicing, a lift could be applied. The minors would use pressurized water spraying at the bottom, to bring up a mixture of gravel and water.

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