Gather Research

        Largest Settlement: Dawson City was the largest settlement in the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush. It was founded in 1896 by a surveyor, George Mercer Dawson. After the Gold Rush the towns population decreased. Dawson City now has multiple museums showcasing the historical events of the Gold Rush.     […]


        The only thing that is keeping the boys alive is hope. The only thing that keeps anyone alive is hope. Without hope we have no reason to live or t keep moving forward. For some people the reason for living is the hope of getting rich, or the hope of happiness, […]

Gaining Yardage

The speaker and Arlo appear to be friends in this poem. It states that they grew up close to each other and would hang around together or pick beans with each other. At the end of this poem the speaker also says that he doesn’t mind Arlo getting the touchdown because he supposes that they […]

As in the Beginning

What makes us whole? I think that this poet is saying that she doesn’t think her father is a whole man because he has lost his fingers in a work accident. I personally think that a person being whole does not have anything to do with how many fingers or limbs a person has, but […]

The New House

Some say the soul lingers near the body for a few hours after they have first died, that the spirit gets to watch those who mourn over him or her and say one last goodbye. I believe that the dead have certain ways of communicating with the living from Heaven ( not in an Ouija […]