The Ten Commandments

The 10 Commandments in a more positive way are :

  1. You should not worship or idolize any false idols or other “Gods” because there is only one true God and therefore should be the only God or thing that you need to pray to to answer your prayers.
  2. You should make no idols because God is the key to life and everything in it, so you should not need to make false idols.
  3. You shouldn’t say the Lords name in vain (use it as a swear) because it is showing no respect for someone or something that should be respected above everything else.
  4. Keep Sundays holy, God created the 7th day a rest day (which is a Sunday) so he intended it as a rest and reflect day.
  5. Honor your mother and father because they are the people ( with Gods help) that brought you into this world.
  6. You should not kill because that is taking another persons life away which is an awful thing to do because life is a gift from God.
  7. You shall not commit adultery because once you have made a vow or commitment to someone then you should not break that vow.
  8. Don’t steal because it is taking away something that another person has worked hard to gain.
  9. You should not lie to get someone in trouble because you can seriously hurt that person and wreck their life.
  10. You shall not want things that other people have because God has given you everything that you need in life, even if its less than someone else has.


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