the awful burden of riddles

The awful burden of unsolved riddles of existence

Some riddles can’t be solved, they are awful. Why would people even make up riddles? They would probably be about reality, values, and knowledge that is why they might not be solved in life.

Reality: the people that make riddles so difficult to solve should be stop making impossible riddles. Riddles shouldn’t be invented because people get frustrated and wanna pull out their hair out.Riddles are hard to solve because the people that try making them make them hard.
Knowledge: When you are solving the riddle you feel stress free. You might wanna try figure out another one. But once you can’t figure it out you will want to take 15 minute breaks to cool off and just get your mind off the riddles for a while.

Values: Do you ever feel like you can do anything in the world? Well value the time that you have and treasure the time that you have.Riddles have values that can’t be solved.Riddles are challenging for everyone.

The kinds of riddles that everyone experiences in their life are challenging. Everyone deserves values in their life. Try to take breaks because it will not leave stress on your shoulders. Some people say that riddles are hard but i think that they get your mind motivated and your mind ready for the day.

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One thought on “the awful burden of riddles

  1. This is all over the place.. You have some good thoughts about riddles though! But you said under the Reality section, that it makes people stressed and they want to pull their hair out, but under the knowledge category, you said people feel stress free. The values paragraph is good, you have some great thoughts and some important details. It’s cool how riddles motivate you and get your mind ready for the day.

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