If i went on a trip i would want to go to California and Paris.
They are both beautiful places and and Paris is the place of love. I would love to go to California because there is a ocean and i would like to go swimming and i would go to the place where you can go swimming with the dolphins  because I’ve always wanted to do that. Going to these places has been on my bucket list for about my whole life. I have way more places that I want to go but those two are my favorite places in the world and i just think seeing the eiffel tower would be so wonderful. I would get there on a plane because if i took a bus, car or anything it would take longer than a plane because planes go fast. I would take my family, friends but they would have to pay for their own tickets because i’m not rich enough to pay like 100 tickets. I would also like to go to Florida those are my top three places that I would love to go too. Of course I would take my Family because i can’t go anywhere without them.


Liese McIntyre

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