Twitter Essay

What do the citizens of Fort McMurray experience with hardships and respect to their environment?

The citizens in Fort McMurray have been through a lot with the horrible fire that has unexpectedly been started in the city on May 3, 2016.

Everyone was forced to leave the city not being able to take clothes and all their belongings. Some people were unable to leave until later, because the roads were packed with everyone’s cars and trailers. I can’t imagine what the people of Fort MaMurray has been going through with loosing their houses and belongings. Surrounding places of Fort McMurray were under evacuation just in case the fire were to spread to the other towns.

People have been volunteering their time to help clean up Fort McMurray.  Firefighters had came in to support Alberta’s wildfires from all over the country. More than 150 fire groups took their time and went to sacrifice their lives in Fort McMurray to save over 80,000 people. Officials said that they managed to save up to 85% to 90% of the city. People were forced to leave their homes, hotels, and trailers so that they wouldn’t get stuck in the fire.

The end result of the fire was pretty bad. Some people lost their pets and homes, it was just a bad fire that was unknown for how it got started. I think that Fort McMurray is going to be a place where people will remember the fire and all the things all the citizens had lost.

Will Fort McMurray get re-built or will it just be just a place where no one will go and live there?  People are going to help clean up and will make it look brand new. People will go inside and try to make everyone want to live in Fort McMurray.

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