Bottle Rockets!

@jheinrich @bmcfarlane we have been in the process of making our fins for our practice rocket.

@jheinrich @bmcfarlane we are in the process of hot gluing our fins onto our practice rocket.

@jheinrich @bmcfarlane practice rocket is ready for round 1!

@jheinrich @bmcfarlane our rocket weighs 122 grams.

@jheinrich @bmcfarlane we have done our string test and it works , it is good to launch!

@jheinrich @bmcfarlane we did our practice launch and it failed. The wings malfunctioned and fell off at flight and  we discovered there was a hole in the chamber bottle and it leaked.


Above, we removed the top of the bottle.

Below, we have our bottle lid removed and have a sponge ball on top so when it hits the ground it will hit the ball and then it won’t effect the the rocket as much and so there’s not as much damage.



Above, the wings are glued onto a separate bottle so it did not effect the water chamber.

Below, Liese does the string test.


Below, is our completed rocket.


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