Hanna Written Response

Hanna and Fairy Tales


The movie Hanna directed by Joe Wright, has many of similarities to Fairy Tales throughout the film. The movie put fairy tales into the film to make the film more child friendly. Fairy Tales have been around for 5,000 to 6,000 years.


Marissa Wiegler, Hanna’s arch nemesis represents the big bad wolf or the Wicked Witch. Through the film Marissa sends 3 men to track down and capture Hanna because Marissa wanted to “keep Hanna safe because there were bad people after her.” Marissa sent out henchmen to hurt or kill Erik and Hanna. Every word that Marissa says is most likely a lie. While Marissa and her minions were in Grims house they killed him. Marissa the witch had killed Johanna and pinned it on Erik. Marissa sent a false Marissa to go talk to Hanna because she wanted to see how Hanna would act when Hanna would see her, Hanna snapped the false Marissa’s neck.


Erik Heller, Hanna’s dad represented 3 little piggies because he ran from the big bad wolf. He would find a new place to hide but there is always someone watching you. Everywhere he went he would get attacked by the CIA men that Marissa and Lewis had sent out. Erik Heller is related to Marissa Wiegler by working with her in his past, he worked with Marissa when he use to work at the CIA, Marissa was his handler. He is also like Marissa because he is smart and has plan already made. He also killed Isaac and one of Isaac’s henchman and Marissa killed Erik with a custom gun. Johanna Zadek, Hanna’s mother worked in a program that makes babies stronger, Johanna and Marissa were both in the program that’s how Hanna came into the world. Eric is related to Hanna because he is her mentor, father, trainor. Eric taught Hanna how to fight people who were bad and who could hurt her.


Hanna Heller, Erik Heller’s daughter. Represents Little Red Riding Hood, because she went to Grim’s house in the forest. She also represents the little piggies to because she is running from Marissa (the big bad wolf or witch). She runs and runs and Marissa keeps going to the same place she is at but Marissa can’t capture her. Hanna is like Marissa because they are both strong people in the film. They both killed people in the movie. Saoirse Ronan plays Hanna the main character in the film. Saoirse is a Irish and American actress.


The film Hanna represents fairy tales. Hanna comes from the deep dark forest and she lives with her dad Erik Heller. Erik is her mentor, trainor and her father. Hanna has to make a wise decision of clicking a button on a radio, she clicks the button and it made Marissa Wiegler know where she was so she could come and fight Hanna until she is dead. Hanna’s mother, Johanna had got shot by Marissa when Hanna was just a little girl. Every character represented a person from a fairy tale. Hanna had represented the little red riding hood, her father had represented the 3 little piggies, Marissa was the witch or big bad wolf. Hanna had killed Marissa at the end of the movie because Marissa had shot her dad.


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