I’ve Got Gloria


                         1 a) There is a battle of wills between Scott and his father because Scott wasn’t                               taking responsibility for his actions when he didn’t study for his math. Both                                         Scott and his father were too stubborn and too alike to get along.

  1. b) On Scott’s first day of summer school, Scott and Mrs. Whitman not talk about anything that happen but they will glance at each other like there is something to talk about. Mrs. Whitman might bright her dog to the summer school. Instead of Scott being disorganized he will be organized and he will be ready to learn, he will have his assignments that he did not complete completed to summer school. He will bring his corrections from previous tests, assignments.


  1. c) I was about 12 years old and I was in Fort Saskatchewan playing hockey when I was on a breakaway and I tripped myself. I tripped over my other skate right by the blue line on the ice in front of everyone, it was the most embarrassing thing I could have ever done.


  1. d) Mrs. Whitman was worried about her dog because she thought that Scott was going to hurt Gloria.
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