Bottle Rocket


We made my bottle rocket first and named it Cornelius. First, I cut off the bottom part of the clear bottle then with the help of @jmcintyre and @ cdowner, we taped the clear, bottomless bottle to the green bottle. I then made the wings for the rocket and put them on a separate piece of a bottle so that we can use the same wings for the other bottle rockets.



We used two bottles for the main part of the rocket, one for the main body and one for the cone on the head.

One more bottle was used for the wings sleeve, and as the wings we used plastic cardboard.

We had duct tape and gorilla tape to hold it all together.

It looked nice, and I had assumed it would fly well. Although it actually didn’t, it only flew a few feet in the air and then came back down. I think we could have improved on the wings and that would have made it fly much better than it actually did, and not used as much tape as we actually did.

The second rocket, we put an actual cone head on it. We aren’t done it yet, and we put the wings from the first one onto the second one.


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