Milky Way Couple

By using the Adobe Photoshop, I combined two different pictures to make an original picture the way I liked it.

I first started with these two pictures that I got from

To layer both of the pictures together I pressed select then pressed all.

Then I clicked my second picture, the couple, and clicked copy.

Then I selected paste so the couple picture would be layered on the milky way picture.

I wanted to erase most of the couple picture except for the couple so it would look like they were a couple under the northern lights. To do so, I clicked the small button on the bottom right corner, the third one from the left.  It creates a layer so that I can erase the first picture but not the background picture.

Using the brush tool  on the tool bar, I erased anything on the picture that I didn’t want. When I erased the picture, the picture behind it showed through.

I started outlining what I wanted to still be in the picture with the brush. I started off using the number 9 brush but then used the master diameter to choose the size if I needed to outline smaller sections.

This is my progress about halfway through the project. I just finished the outlining and started to erase the rest of the picture.

This is the finished picture. I made it smaller to what I wanted so it looks more realistic by clicking edit, transform then scale. I coloured in the orange circles by using the syringe looking tool   on the tool bar. it makes a custom colour to make sure you have the right colour then I filled in the circles.

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