The Reasons to Believe

Lara Millan



The Reasons to Believe

By Peter Kreeft


Peter Kreeft is a professor of philosophy at Boston college. Kreeft has written many books based on Christian philosophy, theology and apologetics. In the reading, “The Reasons to Believe”, Kreeft talked argued the 4 primary questions, questions that are either yes or no, that have no sub questions. Kreeft is an agnostic, which is the view that the existence of God, or a divine being is unknown.


The first primary question is: “Can we create something from nothing?” Or was it just always here? The answer to that is yes we can create from nothing because our souls are created at the moment of conception, created from nothing. Our souls are created specific to each of us when we are created. How can they be created from something else so the only answer is they were created from nothing.


The second question is, “Does God exist?” This is a controversial question for may people based on their beliefs. Other religions believe in multiple gods or some people believe in none. Some people believe in reincarnation, others believe we are born with a new soul and when we die they just stay here. The answer can only be yes because there is too many things that can only be created by God. There are too many unanswered questions that can only lead back to God.


The third question is, “Do humans have an immortal soul?” Or is it made of stuff that is not made of stuff? Is it possible to have a soul that never dies? Yes, we do have an immortal soul. When we die our souls don’t just disperse and go away. Our souls are created from nothing, souls don’t come from our ancestors like our hair or eyes. I don’t agree with Kreeft that our souls stay here. Our souls don’t die but they have to go somewhere. I believe that some souls are old souls and new souls. People that like old music or old styles or feel connected to the older times have an older soul, not saying that as a fact but maybe we have a choice to be reincarnated or not, no one knows.


The last and final primary question is, “Do humans have free will?”. Yes we have free will, yes we are free to do whatever we want to. There is no one controlling what we want to do or will do. Some people try to persuade you to do otherwise, or there are certain situations that you can’t do exactly whatever you want to but really it is our life, we can live it!


One of the biggest arguments Peter Kreeft talked about are the 4 primary questions. “Can something come from nothing, does God exist, do humans have an immortal soul, and do humans have free will?” The answer to all of these is yes, there is no I don’t know. As an agnostic, Kreeft believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence of God or any supernatural higher being. But Kreeft argues that there can be nothing that can disprove the existence of it. There is too many unanswered questions that can only lead back to a divine being.


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