“Womanliness” and “Manliness”

Always did a video of a campaign called #likeagirl, where the expression, “like a girl” was used as an insult. They asked teenagers what their idea of throwing like a girl was and both boys and girls demonstrated throwing like a girl was an insult. They laughed and flailed their arms and flipped their hair. Yet when young girls were asked how to run and throw like a girl, the outcome was completely different. A young girl said to run like a girl means to run as fast and hard as you can. Those teenager girls that made a joke of “run like a girl” definitely don’t run like that when they have to so when did “run like a girl” and “throw like a girl” become an insult?
Historically, men have always been shown as superior to woman. They had the jobs of hunting, and fighting, women, however, have been the housekeepers, taking care of the kids while the father does the real work. In really old times, if a woman showed any sign of intelligence or authority, they were killed off as being a “witch”. Why is the saying, “be a man” used instead of being a woman?

Cher is an American singer and actress who was brought up with a rough start in life but she is now known as the Goddess of Pop. She reinvented herself, got out of an abusive marriage and through it all she has been a fierce feminist. During an interview, she was questioned because she said: “A man is not a necessity, a man is a luxury.” She never meant that to be hostile or bitter towards men, she loves them like dessert. The quote that has become so popular now because it is perfect, she said, “Mother told me a couple of years ago, ‘sweetheart, settle down and marry a rich man.’ I said, ‘Mom, I am a rich man.’ “. What makes anyone think that a woman is unable to make as much money as a man?

Most men assume they can’t exactly be a feminist, maybe because of the word feminine in the word but Will Smith is one of the most famous men who prove you don’t need to be a woman to be a feminist. He was asked once why he let his daughter, Willow, cut off all her hair and what he said to that was honestly remarkable. He said, “We let Willow cut her hair. When you have a little girl, it’s like how can you teach her that you’re in control of her body? If I teach her that I’m in charge of whether or not she can touch her hair, she’s going to replace me with some other man when she goes out in the world. She can’t cut my hair but that’s her hair. She has got to have command of her body. So when she goes out into the world, she’s going out with a command that is hers. She is used to making those decisions herself. We try to keep giving them those decisions until they can hold the full weight of their lives.” Why do we even need to question why a woman has short hair, why does it need to belong? The fact that Will thinks this way makes him so much of a man. To be a man doesn’t mean the strongest or biggest, but being strong enough to share equality to everyone who doesn’t have it because “Men are superior”.

The Problem of Evil

Lara Millan



The Problem of Evil

Peter Kreeft


“The cartoon that is our life is far funnier than reality” – David Sader. This quote has not much relevance to the story, The Problem of Evil by Peter Kreeft but it felt significant and poetic and it had to be shared.


“The problem of evil is the most serious problem in the world and the one serious objection to the existence of God”, a quote by Peter Kreeft. If God is so good, why is the world so bad? Drugs, Hitler and cancer are a few examples of what makes the world bad and yet people say God is good, but how if he lets things like Hitler and wars and unjustly death happen. The problem of evil that Kreeft talks about has four parts and the only cure to them is to forgive, to choose not to resent.


The first problem of evil is that evil is not a thing. All things are either the creators or the creatures created by the creator but everything God created is good. The argument against this is that if God is the creator of everything and evil is a thing, then God is the creator of evil. But evil is not a thing therefore he did not create it. Humans did, they created it by making a bad choice. Evil is not a thing but a wrong choice. Kreeft says evil is no more a positive thing than blindness is, but it is just as real. Evil is not a thing but it isn’t an illusion either.


The second problem is that the origin of evil is not the creator but the creature’s freely choosing sin and selfishness. Freely choosing is the key word in that. If we take away all the bad we would have heaven on earth. Saints endure the suffering and even embrace it like lovers embrace heroic challenges. But heroes don’t win, they usually lose everything but they do it because they are heroes, it is what makes them that way. God gave us a share in his power to choose freely and we are choosing wrong and that is where evil came from. If you rebel against God you’ll lose life and joy. Resent and rebellion equals a hardened heart.


The third is how to resolve the problem in practice. Not just in theory or thought but in life. Our part is to repent, to believe and to work with God. Kreeft says “The solution in practice is as strong and clear as the sun: it is the Son.”


Finally, the last problem is a philosophical problem. Why do bad things happen to good people? The real question is why do good things happen to bad people? If you think you’re perfect and the things in your life makes it bad then you are doing something wrong. But if your life is a bad one but the things in it make your life good, then you’re doing it right. The best people are the ones who are most reluctant to call themselves good people. Kreeft said “sinners think they are saints, but the saints know they are sinners. The best man who ever lived once said, No one is good but God is alone.”


People ask why does God let the bad things happen to good people but you should not as that, you should ask why does he let good things happen to bad people. The only solution to the problems of evil is to choose not to resent, choose to not do the evil things. God does not create the bad, he is the creator of us and we are the creators of evil. And the only way to stop it is to use the freedom we have to not choose the wrong choice.


The Reasons to Believe

Lara Millan



The Reasons to Believe

By Peter Kreeft


Peter Kreeft is a professor of philosophy at Boston college. Kreeft has written many books based on Christian philosophy, theology and apologetics. In the reading, “The Reasons to Believe”, Kreeft talked argued the 4 primary questions, questions that are either yes or no, that have no sub questions. Kreeft is an agnostic, which is the view that the existence of God, or a divine being is unknown.


The first primary question is: “Can we create something from nothing?” Or was it just always here? The answer to that is yes we can create from nothing because our souls are created at the moment of conception, created from nothing. Our souls are created specific to each of us when we are created. How can they be created from something else so the only answer is they were created from nothing.


The second question is, “Does God exist?” This is a controversial question for may people based on their beliefs. Other religions believe in multiple gods or some people believe in none. Some people believe in reincarnation, others believe we are born with a new soul and when we die they just stay here. The answer can only be yes because there is too many things that can only be created by God. There are too many unanswered questions that can only lead back to God.


The third question is, “Do humans have an immortal soul?” Or is it made of stuff that is not made of stuff? Is it possible to have a soul that never dies? Yes, we do have an immortal soul. When we die our souls don’t just disperse and go away. Our souls are created from nothing, souls don’t come from our ancestors like our hair or eyes. I don’t agree with Kreeft that our souls stay here. Our souls don’t die but they have to go somewhere. I believe that some souls are old souls and new souls. People that like old music or old styles or feel connected to the older times have an older soul, not saying that as a fact but maybe we have a choice to be reincarnated or not, no one knows.


The last and final primary question is, “Do humans have free will?”. Yes we have free will, yes we are free to do whatever we want to. There is no one controlling what we want to do or will do. Some people try to persuade you to do otherwise, or there are certain situations that you can’t do exactly whatever you want to but really it is our life, we can live it!


One of the biggest arguments Peter Kreeft talked about are the 4 primary questions. “Can something come from nothing, does God exist, do humans have an immortal soul, and do humans have free will?” The answer to all of these is yes, there is no I don’t know. As an agnostic, Kreeft believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence of God or any supernatural higher being. But Kreeft argues that there can be nothing that can disprove the existence of it. There is too many unanswered questions that can only lead back to a divine being.


Web Design 2

How to change your “themes” and “widgets” on your site

Go to:

  • Appearence
  • Themes
    • Chose a theme
      • Then press activate
  • Widgets
    • Pick a side bar
    • Add a widget
    • Title
      • Save it


How to activate “Plugin”:

  • Plugins
  • Use search bar
    • jQuery Colorbox
    • Activate


How to change settings:

  • Appearance
  • Customize
  • Title
    • Site identity
    • Site title
  • Tagline
    • Site identity
    • Tagline


How to set profile gravatar:

  • Go to top right dashboard
    • Edit profile
  • Profile picture
    • Get Gravatar
    • Sign in using school gmail
    • Pick a picture
    • Apply

Mountain (Montibus) logo

I started off creating the triangles using the on the tools table. To get the star, you hold down the rectangle and click the star. To get the triangle you create the star and press the down button on the bottom right of the key board. Then copy and past that beside the first one.

 To get it to have rounded edges go to object, path, outline strokes. then go to effect, stylize, round corners.

 I made the size 20 pt

 I created two smaller triangles with it filled in black instead of outlined.


 To create a ruff effect go to the box that has different looks for the lines and chose the ruff edgy looking one.

 I made the rectangles with the rounded rectangle button then copied and pasted it. I did the same thing to get the lines at the top above the triangles. 

 to get letters in a rounded shape I selected  on the tools table and created a circle  to type around.

 This is the finished product. The pink line is the cut line. Montibus is mountains in Latin.

Godzilla Chicken movie poster

I started off with these pictures

To layer the pictures together, I clicked the picture I wanted to be over top, the building picture, and clicked copy.

 Then clicked the background picture and clicked paste.

 To make the mask I clicked this button  at the bottom right corner.

 Then press the arrow to switch the colors. It makes it translucent so you can erase the top picture but not the background picture.

 I used this to do do the erasing.

To adjust the size click the brush at the top left then I chose number 9 to start off with. Later used the Master Diameter to make it how small or big I needed it.

On the tools on the left side  this is at the bottom and I used it to make the red lazers.


 I did the same thing in the first few pictures for the explosion.

 My progress throughout.


I went to Pixlr.com to create the effects and add the words. I just clicked a bunch of things to get the picture to what I wanted it to look like.


This is the finished project/poster, the Godzilla Chicken.


Milky Way Couple

  • By using the Adobe Photoshop, I combined two different pictures to make an original picture the way I liked it.

  • I first started with these two pictures that I got from Pexles.com
  • To layer both of the pictures together I pressed select then pressed all.

  • Then I clicked my second picture, the couple, and clicked copy.

  • Then I selected paste so the couple picture would be layered on the milky way picture.

  • I wanted to erase most of the couple picture except for the couple so it would look like they were a couple under the northern lights. To do so, I clicked the small button on the bottom right corner, the third one from the left.  It creates a layer so that I can erase the first picture but not the background picture.

  • Using the brush tool  on the tool bar, I erased anything on the picture that I didn’t want. When I erased the picture, the picture behind it showed through.
  • I started outlining what I wanted to still be in the picture with the brush. I started off using the number 9 brush but then used the master diameter to choose the size if I needed to outline smaller sections.

  • This is my progress about halfway through the project. I just finished the outlining and started to erase the rest of the picture.

  • This is the finished picture. I made it smaller to what I wanted so it looks more realistic by clicking edit, transform then scale. I coloured in the orange circles by using the syringe looking tool   on the tool bar. it makes a custom colour to make sure you have the right colour then I filled in the circles.

Hybrid assignment

I used a picture of a giraffe and a flamingo from the website Pexels.com to make a new hybrid species that I call Fliraffe.

Using adobe photoshop, I removed the head of the giraffe and replaced it with the flamingo head. I cut out the heads by using the thing that looks like a lasso in the first picture. The brown box in the second picture helped me erase the giraffe head by blending it to the background. I also used it to sort of blend the flamingo head to the giraffe neck.


I needed to flip the flamingo head because it was a different way than the giraffe. I went to image and clicked image rotation then clicked flip canvas horizontal.


The flamingo head was too big for the giraffe so to shrink it I went to edit and clicked transform then click scale on the side of it. When shrinking the picture, you have to press shift at the same time or it will just stretch the picture and not actually shrink it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, the Fliraffe.

Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list, each with different things they want to do on it. For mine, I have 6 different things each with different sizes. The bigger the picture is, the more priority of wanting to do the things on the bucket list.

Step 1: After reading the instructions of this assignment I got free stock photos from Pexels.com.

Step 2: After downloading the pictures into my google drive I went to BeFunky.com to make my collage. I chose this template and deleted some of the cells to make look like what I wanted.

Step 3: I got the pictures from my drive and put them into the places I wanted.

Step 4: I added a text box into every picture cell to say what exactly I wanted to do for my bucket list.

Hanging off a building is something i’d want to do because you would get a whole different view on something that other people would never see. I want to swim with a shark because its much better to brag about than just swimming with a dolphin. I’ve always wanted to see the northern lights and the milky way up close since forever. It’s one thing to see them from Vermilion but it’s a whole different thing seeing them first hand. Skydiving is something that is on a lot of peoples bucket lists but it would still be a great opportunity. Petting a wolf is like swimming with a shark, it would be a great conversation starter. Lastly, I want to travel the world to see everything. All the different cultures and festivals and people.