On December, 2 2016 first thing Crystal and the class did was review what she and the class did on the last class, on November, 18 and Crystal asked if we did the “take in every aspect” thing where we examine things like food and area’s  thoroughly which I forgot, alike many others, but it was fun hearing the stories of the people who did do it.

Then we watched a video about a little girl being the embodiment of a positiveness, it was encouraging seeing a person like that, and then the Crystal and the class talked about being positive which was cute to see how the girl looked at her life

Then we did an activity that took way longer than it should’ve but never the it got done,The activity was a lot like hot potato but there was four balls and if we were holding a ball when the music stopped, Crystal gave us a scenario where negative thoughts would usually take hold, instead you would think positively, but it was fun none the less, and it gave me a new perspective on how I can look at some scenarios in life.

That is what we did with Crystal on December, 2 it was, an enjoyable experience.

video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR3rK0kZFkg


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