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My dream job would be a biologist that specializes on physiology, neuroscience and biochemistry. The thing that lead me up to this was my childhood dream of being a paleontologist. When I was a kid I always loved digging in the dirt and finding rocks, even had my own rock collection.
I also read books on books on dinosaurs always fascinated fascinated with these giant reptiles. But as I got older I started thinking on how did these things actually work, how did something like this actually function.
Then I started thinking how did anything that’s alive work, how did it know how to survive and how did develop the tools to do so. Also reading on dinosaurs you came across the concept of evolution quite a bit, so I already had a decent foundation to build off my knowledge.
And also unlike dinosaurs there were lots of research on real living specimen, not like the endless speculation like paleontology. Not to say there wasn’t tons of speculation in biology (especially on human anatomy), but there was as much more fact and real concepts to grasp.
This concept was absolutely riveting finding out how the brain controls everything how your body is always changing depending on the environment. This is why I find biology so engrossing, and why it is/ would be my dream job.

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