I’ve done about five compatibility tests two times on myblueprint.ca. I was interesting seeing how many different jobs were available on the program and finding out what jobs that could become available to me. But the questions themselves were repetitive but some of them were interesting. This is what jobs I took the quizzes on, and am writing about.


The first quiz I took was a sports medicine which I scored eighty-one. I was because I thought while I was doing it would be pretty cool treating injuries and helping them play the game. And it is very closely tied with science, which is one of my favour subjects. More than that it also is a allows me opportunity to watch and improve my own athletic ability. This job also requires a baccalaureate degree in science field such as biology. A But also I was thinking that t would be depressing, to tell an athlete that he might not be able to play the rest of a game because of an injury. Then I thought it would be also fulfilling to know that I fixed an athlete, and because of me he can play the rest of the game. At the end of this quiz I scored a eighty-one.



The next quiz I took was about being a coroner.  I didn’t score very high compatibility on this quiz, only a 61%. And thinking about it, I guess the final scoring made sense to me.This is because to me it sounds fairly depressing being around dead people all the time. Though in objection to this, I would find working with the police very interesting, and it would be fascinating ( maybe) to find out how a person died.


Cardiologist was the last quiz I took before starting this assignment. Before I took the quiz I had no idea what a cardiologist was (aside from the name itself). And I thought that it was very interesting. At first I didn’t think it was an medicine branch either, but when I found that out I was all the more intrigued about it. The medical study of the vascular system was fascinating. Plus it is also something I am genuinely interested in for the future.



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