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Creating a shared human experience, would be easier to create if people talked to people more.People tend to talk to certain people and ignore certain people, based on the biases of others. In my experience, people tend to create these biases at a very young age, rooted by people like parents, guardians and etc. but because of this certain groups of tend to be short sighted to other groups point of view. Because of this these people have been cut off from a shared human experience. But you can see that people that have a more open-minded observations of other people (generally) are able to get along with more than specific groups of people. These people tend to have more empathy, because they share or at least understand other people’s viewpoints. And if there are more people that can open up to the infinite number viewpoints you could create a shared human experience. But the only way I can think of to do that is for people to talk to other people.


(Though thinking about it these groups I have been talking about could be considered small shared human experiences).

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