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I feel as though if everyone could tell what others are feeling more accurately, with no confusion, all the time it would be a very monotonous (or at least build up to that point). not to say I don’t care how people feel, and that if we were able help other people far more effectively, but i’m competitive by nature. And their would be no mystery, no challenge to help some one, you would lack the feeling of self-fulfillment after you have helped someone. to people everyone could understand other people. I believe their still would be conflict, because just because someone understands another doesn’t mean they have the same beliefs or standing, or they understand why someone is feeling this way. And everyday you walk down the street you look around, hes sad because he didn’t do well on a test, or he feels insecure about something. This would me at least become very dull to peoples emotions. just because of how much i’m exposed to it all the time.But if you were to get short glimpses into a persons life, that would be a more interesting. Because it would help you find out who could use some support, and also it would a very enlightening experience. finding out why people do what they do and how it affects other people.┬áBut I don’t know if I could physically handle the concept ,”see inside others’ hearts”. because I don’t think I should be responsible for knowing everyone hearts, because if i did have that ability, gift or curse, it would be overwhelming to see everything that troubles and gives people hope.


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