Friendship is one of the most important aspects of an individual’s life. It is makes everyone’s life easier having friend around, to help each other out. There are many important qualities of friendship, that make it a stable and healthy relationship. These qualities are what help keep a friendship long-lasting and true. These are some of the most important qualities of a friendship, and some of many ways to keep a friendship healthy and long-lasting.


Trust is one of, if not the most important trait in a friendship, without it there simply wouldn’t be a positive relationship. Because a friend is someone, by definition you have a bond with, I don’t believe there can be bond with someone without trust. And commonly coming into contact with someone you don’t trust, doesn’t sound that healthy. And having an unhealthy friendship is something people don’t need. And when you have someone you know you can trust it makes life a lot less stressful. And to know someone smart and knowledgeable to know how to keep trust in a friendship is also quite nice.


On that note, having a friend that is smart is very enjoyable. When you have a friend that possesses these qualities, it tend to bring you new perspective’s. Because two people that are coming into contact regularly, tend to expand their view, sharing each others perspectives.   Having a strong second voice if you’re having difficulty with a problem, situation, etc. all in all having a friend that is smart is quite nice, they always seem to challenge you and push you harder. And they always seem to be able to make you laugh.


Having funny friends is also great. Having someone who can make you laugh, is a very good thing. Because the health benefits of having friends is reason enough alone to cherish funny friends. Examples of the physical health benefits of having someone who can make you laugh, are that it boosts immunity, relaxes muscles and event prevents heart disease. Laughter is also good for your mental health, it lowers adrenaline and cortisol thus decreasing stress, and eases anxiety and tension.


All in all having a friends with these qualities is something I look for and cherish. And is something all people should value. Someone that is loyal is a trait that can be hard to find, and is very valuable. Always hold people with these qualities with high esteem, never take them for granted. Above all try to imitate these characteristics, and share them with other people.

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