Beatitude are statements or lessons by jesus christ, they were layouts of how to lead a christian life. These statement, are counter-cultural to mainstream society, or human instinct. But because of these statements, the human race is forever and undeniably for closely linked to Jesus and God. But how are these countercultural, what even is counter-cultural, and what do these statements have to do with being christian? How these statements affect our lives as christian, and why we should listen and take heed of these lessons.


What are the beatitudes, and how come these simple eight statements define the ideal of a christian so much? The beatitudes are eight statements that that jesus christ said to his disciples in the Sermon on the Mount in about 30 AD. The beatitudes are as followed Link:. These lessons were very innovative and unique during the roman catholic era. And these lessons are very countercultural then, and even now.


Something that is counter cultural is a thing that goes against the rest of mainstream society, or what’s usual to the human race. The beatitudes were counter cultural because the they taught you to live your lives for others, God and Jesus Christ, generally the human race. Whereas as contrary to this, the human condition is to take care of oneself, and one’s next generation. Would an average person go out of their way to improve or save a stranger’s life, probably not. But a beatitude would tell us to go against your instincts to take care of yourself, and use your being to take care of others. And these are ideals that encourage the idea of what it means to be christian.


The idea of a true christian seems to be misinterpreted, and most people would find that christian lifes are restricted. In the way that you can’t have fun, you can’t wear sleeveless shirts, or a skirt above the knees. This just isn’t true, it’s not about regulations and restrictions, it’s about how you live your life.The beatitudes are layouts or inspiration on what you can do to improve your life and others. Being a christian is about what you can do for others and by extension improve your life.


The beatitudes are counter-cultural because they go against the human condition. But they are very good head start for finding what it means to you to be christian. Jesus taught us these lessons for a reason. And we choose how to follow them, is our choice. These are great lessons on what it means to be christian.

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