• Who is the hero in this story? Explain why you think so.


Claude, because like Michelle he is also battling leukemia which makes him a very relatable individual to our main character Michelle, who is also battling cancer. he is also much older giving him a sense of wisdom, that hasn’t been seen in the story anywhere else. Even in the early stages of the print, before Claude’s introduction into the story. He gives Michelle some form of comfort with the music he plays from his guitar.



  • What is the turning point? In what way does Michelle change?


The turning point is during the conversation with Claude, after the time-skip during their conversation. You can see the emotion and mood in a before-and-after fashion. Wanting to run when she first sees Claude, reminiscent of the earlier pages. Then after when Rob shows up instead of wanting to run from something, she wants to start running to something.



  • What is the overall message and mood?


The message of the story is ¨struggle¨. Supporting evidence of this idea would be the despondent mood and set with Michelleś suicidal thoughts which were stated from early paragraphs to the middle of the story. And the physical inability of Michelle due to her condition. From the start of the story to the end is



  • Why is humor an important part of this story?


To make the characters more relatable and identify certain personality traits. For instance the story has indicated that Michelle and Rob have been having a romantic relationship, however, Michelle jokes “when I get a boyfriend I’ll be dreaming”. This line indicates Michelle’s low self-esteem and view of herself.



  • Why do you think Alison Lohans calls her story “The Michelle I Know”?


Because of how her internal and external struggles of having cancer have affected her social life, love life, mental state, and physical well-being have affected her. And how these factors are creating a more neurotic personality type within Michelle, unlike her usual or actual self.

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