Jack is one of the most enigmatic characters in lord of the flies. he portrays himself as a very arrogant and competitive. He has a vicious ability to identify an opportunity and capitalize on it usually at the expense of others, but this ability breaks down when faced with pressure. this habit leads to great insight into his character and the most important decisions so far.


Jack’s faculty leads to some insight to his homelife back at such as school or his hobbies. based on his tendencies jack just have been very competitive with his peer’s these past experiences at places such as school would have been very developmental to his decision making. his drive and desire are admirable and down to earth, who doesn’t want to be the best they can? but this relatability ends when he witnesses his methods of getting to the top, he attempts to bury those under him and those who would get in his way. this is the catalyst with his conflict with Ralph. and his statement “I ought to be chief” and then loses against him in the election further affirms this statement. overall jack is a very competitive individual


and these qualities have lead jack to success with becoming the leader of the choir he has a large following of boy from his school and he takes advantage of the others freezing when he commits to acts such as this. like when Ralph decides that there should be shifts to watch the fire which gave him some authority with inhabitants. Even as he had lost the voting for a leader, he had still managed to elevate his choir to become the most important responsibility of the group. not to mention that the choir are the hunters which isn’t a necessity but it still elevates his status.


And finally, the deepest decision of his character and gives us the greatest insight into his true character, the decision to not kill the pig. the scene is described with the word “enormity”, that the decision to take a life was so vast in its iniquity that it seems as though the whole world start. this moment is important because of a few reasons; it acts as a starting point from where he stands morally, that he still has empathy, as well as civilized impressions that withhold him from committing the evil act of taking the life of another being. and also shows us the limitations of what he’ll do for status. but more importantly, it gives insight on his character on what could have possibly happened in his life back when he lived in England. ok, when looking at the situation it’s contradictory to the character that has been shown so far because the character so far would have killed the pig without a second thought. he has no problem taking from others. he’s taken the spotlight from Ralph many times and has had no problem taking piggy’s specs from him. he has no problem with taking stuff from other people. but the idea of taking the essence from a living being was horrible to him. the moment was almost like he was frozen in a moment outside of the present time like this specific situation brought up some traumatic moment in his life.


jack is a complex character that will be fascinating to see him develop as the story goes on. his ability to capitalize on exploits is useful for taking and raising his status. despite his little habit of crumbling under pressure reveals the possibilities of what could have happened in his life. his own weakness in characters morality as a result of his success. he will be a fascinating character to see develop and unfold as the story progresses.


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