In a sentence, write what you think the author’s theme is. List three examples from the story to s support your view. For each example, write a sentence that explains why it supports the author’s theme.

The authors’ theme is foresight.

The first reason is that the author creates a character that has the ability to see problems. However, doesn’t do anything with that information. Like how he sees the running water a clear sign that it might break but goes on it anyway. This results in him falling into the water, causing him to almost die. It is parallel to a lack of foresight.

He contrasts to a dog, as an example of hindsight. The author uses pathologies as a way to explain the dogs’ instincts. Like how the dog goes under the snow to show its instincts. Or how it can tell from the sound of the man’s voice that he’s up to something sinister.

He dies in the end due to a lack of foresight.

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