Dear: Brutus


I need you to take notice of the disparity that is Julius Caesar. and what it would mean to. Through many observations of my own volition, Julius Caesar is a liar, a deceiver! Acting as though he was the most powerful man in the world, challenging noble Cassius to a swimming race not to prove a point but to make him look good. he stands at the top of his villa and looks down at us all that are not so fortunate to bear the name of Caesar. I plead that you reconsider your support of him! He would destroy all that our ancestors have built. Would you have him, king? Would you see the tyranny of ages past rise again? Was it not your ancestor that released the people from the slavery of the kings of old! O Please noble Brutus, do not let Caesar put us all in chains. I desperately try to tell you the urgency and direness of this situation. Please do not let a false god rule us all.


  • Anonymous
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