“The world, that understandable and lawful world, was slipping away.” This is a statement that perfectly foreshadows the world of ”lord of the flies” it is a very detailed quote because, of how it is entered into the story. The story switches to the third person and William Golding describes the situation that the boy is in. it’s foreshadowing their slow descent into tribalism and federalism, jack is the first and greatest example of this decent. You see this because of how all the boys start fighting with each other other the more trivial matters. Like how jack punches piggy over his specs, and that he wouldn’t give them to him. And how jack starts to conflict with Ralph showing a growing issue with authority, and that he’s not the authority. However, this quote goes even deeper then that’s just in the book. Because when you take into account the time William Golding wrote this book, you start to realize that it’s a metaphor for his world. Because the book was written in 1954, during the cold war and right after WWII. This quote is a metaphor for the growing civil unrest that plagues Europe and the Americas. And what Golding is saying is that if we a species learn to keep our impulse for conflict in check and instead sit back and try to learn and empathize with the other side. If we stop acting like children playing a game with dire consequences, the world will be better as a whole. But in contrast, if we do give in to those impulses and keep tearing each other apart we will eventually tear apart the world and everything in it. Keep in mind that this statement is about the world of 1954. However that doesn’t make these words any less true. Another quote I read that can go with this is “all the detriment of this world stems from a lack of individual ability”. This is synonymous with the other quote because. If people as individual learn to say no, instead on blindly following a cause you don’t understand. Because individuals make up a whole and if we teach the parts of that whole the lesson of self. The world will be better in almost every way. If we as a species learn the benefit of individual ability and be able to understand why something is not a good idea, this will help everyone. And if the people who lack individual ability are the ones leading the charge then we will fall prey to such horrors as tribalism and federalism. Just imagine if we did fall prey to such a terrifying idea. We would go back in time to even before the iron age. Poking each other and things with wooden sticks, and killing each other over the most trivial things such as taking the wrong piece of fruit of the wrong tree. Or losing a limb because someone sees you as a threat to their trivial power. This is a most terrifying prospect.

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