The story “to build a fire” is an interesting story written by Jack London. during the story “to build a fire, the character lacks any semblance of imagination. Constantly ignoring or being oblivious to sign given to him throughout the story. Even the dogs’ natural instinct is more effective than this man’s brain. Throughout the story, the man shows no sign of imagination, despite that being so important in everyday life.


Creativity is an attractive quality in people, so much so that it’s been used as a tool to immortalize people and things. Imagination is the foundation of creativity. Without it, there is no chance for you to succeed in life on your own. This man has none, showing no possible semblance of it. Consistently seeing signs and ignoring it. For example; when he sees the sled that could be used to pull him across the snow. And a dog capable of pulling it he does nothing with it. Despite seeing where those decisions take him.


Throughout the story, the man is given signs from nature that this is a bad idea. Like when he went outside and realized that he could freeze, he still goes out. Or when he notices that there is running water under the ice, a clear sign that the water can break at any time he still goes across the lake. A decision that leads to him falling in the water and almost died right then and there. Or when he tried making a fire under a snow-covered tree and didn’t think snow could have fallen on the fire, despite noticing how snow covered the tree was. But at least the dog had instincts that could have saved the man if he would’ve listened.


Consistently the dog has shown that it’s instinct more effective than that mans brain. Showing an intuition that trumped any display of the man. Having the idea of avoiding the water. Going under the snow to keep warm. Liking the frozen water off of his paws, after it and the man fell in the water. All of these are examples of the dogs’ incredible instinct. But the greatest example and potentially the most gruesome, was when the man tried to kill the dog to warm his hands. The man planned to kill the dog and use the warm inured of its body to warm his hands. Unable to succeed the man wouldn’t have prevailed because the moisture from the dogs’ body would have still frozen the hands if he brought them into the cold.


All-in-all the man isn’t the smartest human being. Some would say it’s not a bad thing that he died. Showing a more rationalist point of view would be that man couldn’t spread his unimaginative genes over the world. Not to say that the loss of life is a good thing, but the preservation of imagination is important. Hopefully, no one is put in such a dangerous situation in the first place.

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