Fake letter

Dear: Brutus   I need you to take notice of the disparity that is Julius Caesar. and what it would mean to. Through many observations of my own volition, Julius Caesar is a liar, a deceiver! Acting as though he was the most powerful man in the world, challenging noble Cassius to a swimming race […]

To Build a Fire: Essay

The story “to build a fire” is an interesting story written by Jack London. during the story “to build a fire, the character lacks any semblance of imagination. Constantly ignoring or being oblivious to sign given to him throughout the story. Even the dogs’ natural instinct is more effective than this man’s brain. Throughout the […]

quotable quotes

“The world, that understandable and lawful world, was slipping away.” This is a statement that perfectly foreshadows the world of ”lord of the flies” it is a very detailed quote because, of how it is entered into the story. The story switches to the third person and William Golding describes the situation that the boy […]

War: Respond to the Story

    Whose war does the author refer to in the title? Support your view with examples from the story.   It’s the boy’s internal war with himself that later manifests as an external conflict with his dad. Neil didn’t know that his dad joined the army, instead of thinking that it was a really […]