Luke 14:25-33 I think that the beginning of passage means no matter you will always have a place with god. And i think the part about the building a tower means that you should always make sure you can finish what you start. Maybe this is relevant to how people are stressed about an assignment and hurry without cheaking it over.


Fear of the Lord: the fear of the Lord is to wonder in awe about the future and of what’s to come.


Proverbs 19:23 if you have a fear of the lord you may rest in security with no harm


Job 1:13-22 job was in wonder in why god took away these things from him.


Exodus 3:4-6 Moses was called by the Lord from a bush, Moses wondered in awe but did not want to look at God because of the fear of the Lord.


Luke 5:12-14 the man bowed his head in front of the Lord and asked to be cleansed cleansed of his leprosy, and so the lord did and the man was in awe because of the fear of the Lord.


Corinthians  love is the most powerful gift of all, it is greater then all others



Revelation 4.1-11

The throne in the second passage represents god and the power of heaven. the rainbow in the second passage represents the colour in life and in heaven. the fourth passage has twenty-four elders the reason its twenty-four is because twenty-four is considered a perfect number and white robes because white equals all colours. in the seven spirits: knowledge, piety\reverence, fear of the lord\wonder and awe,knowledge,council\right judgment, understanding, wisdom and fortitude\courage. In passage with the animals or beasts of heaven

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