Sunrise on the Veld – Word Craft

Incredulously – Unwilling or unable to believe. In the story he thought incredulously remembering the liquid dark eyes of the buck. Lessing used incredulously to describe how the boy was feeling, he was unable to believe what he had done or what he will do. The boy is unable to think, there are many emotions being shown when Lessing uses this word, incredulously. He may feel guilt, sadness, regret, or perhaps his mind might be blank not knowing what to think.


Convulsing – Suffer violent involuntary contraction of the muscles, producing contortion of the body or limbs. He sternly controlled the uselessly convulsing muscles of his empty stomach, and reminded himself; ants must eat too! His muscles were convulsing because he felt pain from seeing the death of this deer. Tiny ants were taking away pieces of an innocent deer and the boy realized that ants need to eat too.


Triumphantly – In a way that shows great happiness or joy at a victory or achievement. He was triumphant because he beat the alarm clock, he outwitted the alarm clock. He remained vigilant throughout the night counting hours to beat the alarm clock, he felt pride in doing this.


Vigilant – Keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties. Remaining vigilant all night and counting the hours as he lay relaxed in sleep. But how remain vigilant while he is sleeping, how can he be vigilant unless he is awake, you cant be vigilant without all of your senses.


Fastidious – very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail. He stood poised with his hand on the sill for one proudly fastidious moment. He was very careful when he was sneaking out of the house early that morning being very fastidious so he would not be caught.

Who Am I? Learning Styles

I completed the learning styles survey and I was 43% kinesthetic, 33% auditory, and 25% visual. It told me that I learn by touching and doing. A kinesthetic learner would prefer to learn by touching and doing. An auditory learner, learns best when they can listen to someone else or hearing a movie for example. As a visual learner you would learn best by seeing things in a book for example. Ways for a kinesthetic learner to improve their studying is to participate in more hands-on tasks during learning, use flash cards, study in short blocks of time and take many breaks, or construct a model of concepts. I feel like these strategies could definitely help improve my studying in the future and there is a good chance a will use these.


Who Am I? Personality Survey

After completing the personality survey it told me my personality type is The Champion. It also told me I was extroverted, iNtuiting, feeling, and perceiving. The Personality survey matched my personality with Charles Dickens, Sandra Bullock, and Anne Frank. Apparently someone with the champion personality focus on the world around them looking for deeper meaning in all things they see or do. Champions enthusiasm and energy can be infectious and people around them will turn into supporters. They have a broad range of interests and are usually successful in the things they do. These types of people often think very deeply and this can sometimes lead to them over thinking things. People with this personality don’t often stick to a routine, this can get in the way of their many great ideas.

#1-9 On The SideWalk Bleeding

1. The protagonist in this story would be Andy because he is the one everyone is rooting for. A protagonist is the character at the center of the story or the main character. A story usually revolves around the protagonist. Andy is part of the Royals (a team or group), he wears a purple jacket with Royals sewin in red thread on the back. Andy and his girlfriend Laura were at a dance, and left to go get smokes, he walked down the back alley to get to another convenience store because the first one he went to was closed. He was stabbed in the back alley going to a different store. When he was stabbed he could only think about his girlfriend Laura. She, and the Royals meant the world to Andy.

2. There were many conflicts in this story, every time someone met Andy lying in the back alley they didn’t know how or why to help Andy. The drunk, Freddie did not know why he should help. The only solution the drunk knew was to drink, so he offered Andy a drink. The drunk did not know what the problem was so the consultation between Andy and the drunk was not so much of a conflict. Freddie and Angela meeting Andy in the back alley was a conflict because Freddie knew what he should have done and that would be to help Andy, but he didn’t. Freddie was scared that the Guardians would find out that he helped a Royal. The old lady throwing away trash was a conflict because she was just like everybody else, a bystander.

4. Andy’s jacket, was in a way, the cause of his death. It was the “cause of his death” because that was the reason Freddie and Angela didn’t help him, but the jacket was the only reason he was stabbed. The people who stabbed him didn’t hate him they hated the Royals. If he wasn’t wearing the royals jacket he wouldn’t have been stabbed. Freddie and Angela thought they would be “down on their necks” if they ever found out.

5. The drunk in the back alley didn’t help Andy because he did not know, he did not know Andy was hurt because he was drunk. The only solution the drunk had for Andy was to drink so he offered Andy a drink, because that was the only thing he knew to do. Freddie and Angela were afraid to help Andy because they were afraid of the Guardians. They may have been a part of the guardians because they were afraid the Guardians would be “down on their necks”. They also didn’t want to get mixed up with the police. The old lady throwing away trash was just like everybody else, a bystander. She didn’t see the problem she did not know she should help.

6. Andy doesn’t realize he is dying until he started to feel sick, weak, tired, alone, wet, chilled, feverish, and like a baby. He knew he was going to die when all help was gone, when there was no one there to help him. He knew he was going to die when he finally realizes he wants to be Andy, not a Royal, he wants to be himself.  When he knew he was going to die all that he could think about was Laura. He also thought that his jacket was absurd, a stupid meaningless thing. All he could think about was love and one day having a family.

7. Andy uses all of his strength that he possibly can to take off his jacket, he does this because he realizes it is absurd. Andy want to die as himself not a Royal, the Royals are now meaningless to Andy and he will do anything to die as himself. He wanted others to know him as Andy so that why he gave everything he had to take the jacket off. He knew the people who stabbed him only hated the jacket not him, the only reason they stabbed him was because of the jacket, it robbed him of his life. Now that he know he’s going to die the Royals mean nothing and Laura means everything.

Interests Survey, My Blueprint

After completing the interests survey, it told me my interest type is “The Aide”. It also told me that my two primary interest traits are, realistic and social. Realistic occupations would most likely include hands on activities, most realistic occupations require work outdoors, and not usually a lot of paperwork. I was also social, social occupations revolve around people, these usually involve assisting, healing, teaching, or serving others. I was 52% realistic, and 52% social.


My Blueprint

In the left sidebar of you could click on home which would allow you to access dashboard, activities, goals, and portfolios. Next you can click on Who Am I which will take you to surveys which will match you with results, for example, after completing the personality survey they may match your personality with a famous person or someone known in history. Following the Who Am I section is high school where you can start to plan your high school courses. Next up would be the post secondary section where you can learn about apprenticeship, college, university, and workplaces. Under the work section, occupations, resumes, cover letters, and job searches are available. After work, comes money, in the money section you can add budgets by clicking add budget in the top right of the screen. Guides and articles, guides will provide you with information dealing with education, career and life planning. Here you can learn more about apprenticeship or applying to colleges in the United States. Last up would be favorites where occupations, apprenticeships, institutions, programs, workplaces, and job listings would be located.

Who Am I

Who am I you might ask? If I told you my name I wouldn’t be lying, but there is more to it then that. Our name doesn’t make up who we are, the things you do, the people you hang out with, and the way you live do. I have many different strengths, but also many different weaknesses. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses this is what makes us unique.

Two things that are a substantial part of my life would be baseball and hockey. Baseball and hockey are my favourite things to do. These sports make me who I am because I spend most of my time practicing or playing these sports. The Vermilion Tigers are a part of me because I have played with them since I was five years old. I’ve only played with the Lloydminster Twins for three years but they are a huge part of my life because of how much time I spend with the team. To me these two sports are the most important thing. I would spend all my time playing these sports if I could. I am also part of the St. Jerome’s Spartans volleyball team, I go to school at St. Jerome’s so they are an enormous part of me.

In school I have many weaknesses, but not only weaknesses, I would say that social and science are some of my strengths. I am not so strong in math but I wouldn’t say that I am bad at  it because it is only some areas of math that I am not so strong in. St. Jerome’s has been part of my life since brighter beginnings, I have spent a good amount of my life in this school. When you spend so much time in a school, it makes you who you are. Friends I have made in school, through sports, or just through other friends have also shaped who I am, they change who you are by how they influence you. Sometimes the way you live comes from the people you hang around, by participating in the things they do or just listening to their beliefs.

“You never lose, you either win, or you learn”. This is a good quote to live by because, when you do lose you should know the mistakes you made and why you lost, so you should learn from your mistakes and do better next time. You can apply this not only to sports but your life. When you fail at something you know you should have learned why you failed and by doing this you will be better the next time.

So if you asked who I am I could tell you my name, but that’s only the title my parents gave to me, I am more than that. I am a Vermilion Tiger, a Lloydminster Twin, and a St. Jerome’s Spartan. I am also someone who works hard in school and on sports teams.

Bottle Rocket Day 9

We’re finishing our fins for our second rocket. Angelo, Wade and I are trying to figure out the design for our second rocket. We still aren’t sure what we are going to use for the nose cone.

Bottle Rocket Day 8

We started to do our second rocket. We’re doing our sleeve for the fins that are exactly like our first rocket. Were trying to cut the bottle for the sleeve. We found a fin from the box that people cut out but didn’t use and we’re using it. Veitch, Wade and I are debating on if we should put a spartan sticker on our first rocket. When we glued our fins on the sleeve the sleeve bent and now its crooked.

Cornell Note Taking Method




The Cornell Method was developed by a man named Walter Pauk, an education professor at Cornell University, in the 1950’s. The Cornell method provides a way for you to organize your notes into four different sections, key word column, answer section, a section to add notes, and the bottom section is meant for extra notes.