Suspect a Crime?

As humans we make assumption all of the time, sometimes without even noticing, about other people, perhaps that everything is about you, or even that being short is a limitation. So it is easy to make an assumption about a crime we have no evidence for. Everyone does this without even thinking, sometimes our gut feeling assists in making a decision, but a gut feeling can not truly make a decision for us. To first solve a crime it starts with suspicion, but to absolutely solve a crime evidence must be involved. The definition of suspect is to “have an idea or impression of the existence, presence, or truth of something without certain proof.” So basing guilt off of suspicion alone would not be just. It is easy to base a decision, like suspecting a crime, on the way we feel about another person, if that person is a friend we will most likely not want to believe that a friend would commit a crime.

Web Design 2

How to change “theme” and “widgets”

  • Appearance
  • Theme
    • Pick theme
      • Activate
  • Widgets
    • Categories
      • Pick side bar
      • Add widget
      • Title
        • Save

How to activate “Plugin”

  • Plugins
  • Use search bar
    • jQuery Colorbox
    • Activate

How to change settings

  • Apperance
  • Customize
  • Title
    • Site Identity
    • Site Title
  • Tagline
    • Site Identity
    • Tagline

How to set profile gravatar

  • Top right dashboard
    • Edit profile
  • Profile Picute
    • Get Gravatar
    • Sign in using school Gmail
    • Pick picture
    • Apply

Media: portfolio

I used the impact font on adobe photoshop and created a clipping mask to place three pictures behind the word spartans I then created a cut line around the spartans and made phone stickers. Spartans

baseball card

I started with an old school rookie baseball card I removed the player who in the back ground I used a picture from Pixabay of a baseball field. I placed a baseball picture of myself onto the card and changed the year to 2017. I gave the card a vintage look by darkening the edges and sharpening some areas of the card. I then created a mask to put my signature that I wrote on a piece of paper onto the card.

color changer


 I started with this picture and I changed the saturation.

 I turned up the green offset and also turned up the brightness

 I then just played around with the curves until I liked how it looked.

Sunrise on the Veld – Word Craft

Incredulously – Unwilling or unable to believe. In the story he thought incredulously remembering the liquid dark eyes of the buck. Lessing used incredulously to describe how the boy was feeling, he was unable to believe what he had done or what he will do. The boy is unable to think, there are many emotions being shown when Lessing uses this word, incredulously. He may feel guilt, sadness, regret, or perhaps his mind might be blank not knowing what to think.


Convulsing – Suffer violent involuntary contraction of the muscles, producing contortion of the body or limbs. He sternly controlled the uselessly convulsing muscles of his empty stomach, and reminded himself; ants must eat too! His muscles were convulsing because he felt pain from seeing the death of this deer. Tiny ants were taking away pieces of an innocent deer and the boy realized that ants need to eat too.


Triumphantly – In a way that shows great happiness or joy at a victory or achievement. He was triumphant because he beat the alarm clock, he outwitted the alarm clock. He remained vigilant throughout the night counting hours to beat the alarm clock, he felt pride in doing this.


Vigilant – Keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties. Remaining vigilant all night and counting the hours as he lay relaxed in sleep. But how remain vigilant while he is sleeping, how can he be vigilant unless he is awake, you cant be vigilant without all of your senses.


Fastidious – very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail. He stood poised with his hand on the sill for one proudly fastidious moment. He was very careful when he was sneaking out of the house early that morning being very fastidious so he would not be caught.

Who Am I? Learning Styles

I completed the learning styles survey and I was 43% kinesthetic, 33% auditory, and 25% visual. It told me that I learn by touching and doing. A kinesthetic learner would prefer to learn by touching and doing. An auditory learner, learns best when they can listen to someone else or hearing a movie for example. As a visual learner you would learn best by seeing things in a book for example. Ways for a kinesthetic learner to improve their studying is to participate in more hands-on tasks during learning, use flash cards, study in short blocks of time and take many breaks, or construct a model of concepts. I feel like these strategies could definitely help improve my studying in the future and there is a good chance a will use these.


Who Am I? Personality Survey

After completing the personality survey it told me my personality type is The Champion. It also told me I was extroverted, iNtuiting, feeling, and perceiving. The Personality survey matched my personality with Charles Dickens, Sandra Bullock, and Anne Frank. Apparently someone with the champion personality focus on the world around them looking for deeper meaning in all things they see or do. Champions enthusiasm and energy can be infectious and people around them will turn into supporters. They have a broad range of interests and are usually successful in the things they do. These types of people often think very deeply and this can sometimes lead to them over thinking things. People with this personality don’t often stick to a routine, this can get in the way of their many great ideas.