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Baseball, it is one of America’s greatest pastimes. The ballparks, the food, the way the game is played. Americans and people around the world love the atmosphere, but who invented this wonderful sport?

Have you ever thought about when baseball was made? You’ll be amazed to learn that this unique game was invented by Abner Doubleday, in the summer of 1839 at Cooperstown New York. Abner was born June 26, 1819. after inventing the game which would go onto be one of America’s favourite. He moved on and became became an American Civil War hero. Nowadays, you can see Mr. Doubleday is buried at the Arlington National Cemetery, in Arlington Virginia.

Now let me fill you in on a few of the rules in major league baseball. It’s incredible to think about all the rules in ball, some are needed, some definitely are not. Defence (fielding players) will have nine players on the field. An interesting rule on the field is the infield fly, this is when a ball is popped up in the infield, a player in forced to catch it. This is because if he doesn’t his team will have an easy chance to turn two. A double play or ¨turning two¨ is when you throw out two players in only one play. Besides a few other things defence is comfortably simple. Offense on the other hand has a multitude of rules. Of course everyone agrees that, three strikes you’re out and four balls you walk. Not getting into the specifics the ball has to be hit without anyone catching it for you to be safe or you have to outrun the ball whipped from one of the fielders. Players also follow some of their own unwritten rules, Like not bunting to ruin a pitcher’s perfect game or no hitter.

Now I’d like to tell you about players protective equipment and uniforms. The baseball uniform includes a short sleeve jersey, pants, hat, and players can also add on long socks. Some players have their own optional equipment, arm sleeves, under shirts, ankle guards, or elbow guards. Everyone would obviously agree that you need a bat and glove to play ball. Most other sports would require players to wear many pieces of equipment while baseball has very minimal.

Let me tell you about when Barry Bonds hit his 756 home run of his career. Off a pitch from Mike Basik, Bonds smacked a 435 foot homer for his 756th, today Barry still leads for the most career home runs. One of the league’s favourite teams last year was the Toronto Blue Jays, beating the Rangers in game five and going on to lose to KC in four. Kansas City went on to win the World Series. One of the Blue Jays best seasons had to be in 1993. Joe Carter slammed a walk off home run to put the nail in the coffin in game six to win the World Series.

This quick decision game can be played around the world by any age or gender of people. Softball, fastball, and slow pitch are some terrific variations of my favourite sport and the game many other people love.

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  1. This was very interesting, I never knew what a turning two was called that for. Although I now understand why it was called that. You had very good descriptions about baseball and I learned new facts that I could possibly tell my parents, because even though we used to live in U.S.A, we were never huge baseball fans and historians. Good job!

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