Should Cell Phone Be Allowed In Classrooms At St. Jerome’s School

Cell phones are a great tool and can be used for a numerous amount of things. Cell phones in a classroom on the other hand definitely are not a need. There are times when cell phones can be useful in classrooms but there is always another device such as school computers or books.
Cell phones in classrooms are not only a distraction to the student using the device but all students around and the teacher attempting to teach the class. There are many apps that students may be on during class distracting them from their learning including social media and games. There’s a chance that this could be distracting other students by sounds or paying attention to what they’re doing on their cell phone. So having cell phones in classrooms is disruptive to all the class members including the teacher, banning cell phones could bring up the amount of participation in St. Jerome’s classrooms.
Some researchers say banning cellphones in classrooms could bring up test scores by 6.41%. Not only do they say test scores will increase but banning cellphones will have the same benefit as extending the school year by five days. Students will lose marks on test because they are not getting some of the information they could if they were paying attention instead of gandering at their cell phone. This will also cause students to have incomplete homework or assignments because they aren’t getting the information they need for assignments.
Cheating is a big problem and sometimes undetectable, students can often use their cell phone to find the information they for tests. If answers are difficult to find on the internet students can message back and forth to find answers. Students could have pictures of test pages or have written notes or answers on their cellular device. If cell phones were banned, cheating would be much easier to monitor. Also, It isn’t fair to other students who put in the effort to study and finish assignments, if other kids can just look at their phones and put in no work to get good grades.
If cell phones are banned none of these problems would have to be dealt with. Without cell phones in classrooms, there would be no cheating, assignments and homework will be done easier, and students will not be distracted by cell phones. Yes, cell phones are useful in classrooms, except for all of the inappropriate uses for them.

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