St. Jerome’s School-Expository

Vermilion Alberta, the site of St. Jerome’s School. St. Jeromes is a fantastic place to be educated. For years, St. Jerome’s has had numerous events and most students cherish the time they get out of class or when catch a glimpse of entertainment. Luckily our school can take part in an immense amount of extracurricular activities.
It is fascinating to stew over how all of the subjects have alternated over centuries. Of course, just like all educational establishments, St. Jerome’s consists of the four main subjects, science, social studies, language arts, and mathematics. It is also common for schools to have other subjects like physical education which is many kids favourite part of a school day. Most people agree that St. Jerome’s education system is similar to other catholic schools.
Let me fill you in on the sports the spartans take part in. You will be thrilled to hear that the spartans play many sports: volleyball, basketball, badminton, and also do activities like cross country running and track and field. There are many reasons why practice is two nights a week. In all of our school sports teams are split up so kids of the same age or grade could go head to head versus each other. Often times students don’t start badminton until grade seven unless there is not enough participants.
Teachers and students at St. Jerome’s are overjoyed with the sensational events the staff set up. Of course, everyone agrees that time out of class is enjoyable for all students. Gymnastics day has been around throughout the history of St. Jerome’s. It is a day where the three “houses”, Fraser, Mackenzie, and Cartier show off their swedish drill, pyramid, and individual skills. Usually, classes will do their own sort of activities or go on field trips without other grades.
It’s hard to believe but St. Jerome’s is a wonderful place for education. Without a doubt it would be a delightful idea to come over to St. Jerome’s School and check it out.

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